Government at all levels accepts the scientific consensus that climate change is a real and serious problem caused mostly by the emission of greenhouse gases from human activities. 

Globally, average temperatures are rising as can be seen below: 

The impacts from one degree of global warming since the industrial revolution are here with us now. Clarence City Council is working in cooperation with other government, scientific and community organisations to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and adapt to likely future impacts of climate change. 

There are many resources available to help us to understand and respond to climate change. The Tasmanian Government’s Climate Change Office leads Tasmania’s response. 

Scientists advise that seasonal temperatures in Tasmania will continue to rise; patterns of rainfall will continue to change and that high winds, storms, floods, heat waves and bush fires are all likely to become more common and more intense in future.

You can visit the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority to find out more about Climate Change research and adaptation for southern Tasmania.