People are getting pretty good at recycling, but did you know that a significant amount of recycling ends up in landfill because people are putting the wrong things in their recycling bins?

What CAN I put in my recycling bin?

Please remove lids and caps, rinse clean and empty all containers.

  • Glass Bottles and Jars only – DO NOT BREAK
  • Aluminium Cans and clean Foil Trays – DO NOT CRUSH
  • Steel Cans –including empty aerosol, empty paint tins and pet food cans – DO NOT CRUSH
  • Milk, Cream & Juice cartons – DO NOT FLATTEN
  • Plastic Beverage, Food and Non-Food Containers – including margarine, ice cream, yoghurt, shampoo and household detergent containers, plus other containers with the triangle symbol 1 – 7
  • Clean cardboard
  • Clean newspaper, magazines, junk mail and office paper

PLEASE DO NOT put any of the following items into your recycling bin

  • No nappies or medical matter
  • No plastic bags
  • No motor oil, acid, solvent or chemical containers
  • No meat trays or foam trays
  • No squeeze-tube toothpaste or squeeze-tube shampoo containers
  • No polystyrene or foam
  • No plant pots or trays
  • No cigarette cartons or packets
  • No cardboard pizza or take away food boxes
  • No drinking glass, window glass, light bulbs or broken glass
  • No ceramics, pottery, cookware or crockery
  • No clothing or shoes
  • No rubbish or other waste either garden or household

Please do not put recycling items in plastic bags or tie in bundles.

Council can assist you with your enquiries about rubbish and waste. For information about recycling, green waste, wheelie bins, electronic waste and garbage you can contact Council on 03 6217 9690 or look at the website here.