A recent study measured the amount of energy used by people in the Clarence municipality so that trends in energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions from energy use, could be calculated

The amount of energy used in the Clarence municipality has increased over the last decade.  Consequently, greenhouse gas emissions over the last decade have also increased. 

Increases in energy use are due to population increases but also due to increases in consumer demand for energy. Energy use by business and industry, agriculture and forestry has also increased. 

Becoming more energy efficient is critical to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Transport is the star in this story. There are more vehicles registered in Clarence BUT modern vehicles are more efficient. They travel further on the same amount of fuel, so overall fuel use has decreased.

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Clarence City Council Community Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Footprint Summary Report May 2019

The report contains a simplified inventory of greenhouse gas emissions at a local Clarence municipal level over the decade from 2006-07 to 2016-17.  

The Southern Tasmania’s Changing Energy Use – Information Paper: Regional Greenhouse Gas and Energy Use Trends April 2019 and other climate change information is available on the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority (STCA) website here