‘ChangeFest’ is a national place-based education and community gathering that runs over several days. This year, the main event will be held on Latji Latji country in Mildura, Victoria with smaller versions happening across the country. Speakers from around Victoria will come together to address issues and solutions in their communities.

In 2021 Change Fest on the Road visited Clarence Plains and assisted to explore different ways for communities to collaborate so they can tackle complex problems and offer opportunities to learn to build the change they want to see.

The idea is to dream a future where local people feel empowered to make change at a local level and be heard in state and national conversations.

Watch a video from the event…

Presentations from the event are below:


Sorell Superheroes’


The best canteen in the world


Thank you to everyone who got involved with ChangeFest on the Road in Clarence Plains. We look forward to getting together with you again soon.

You can keep in touch with ChangeFest on the web at: www.changefest.com.au