Help us celebrate the health and wellbeing achievements of the people of Clarence.

We’d like to hear from you as part of Council’s I Can campaign. Tell us about how you are achieving your health and wellbeing goals. These can be many and varied, such as doing some exercise, or participating in a social or interest group. It could be something small or something big. It could be the goals that you share with a friend or a group of like-minded people.

Help us celebrate the stories of people in our community who are making a difference to their own life by doing things to be well and healthy. To get involved fill out this form: I Can Form and send both the form and the photos to the or complete the online form below.


I CAN Online Form

To share your story please complete the section below and attach a photo (a clear photo that features the person in action and if possible, looking at the camera). Note: by submitting this story and photo you give permission for this content to be used for promotional purposes by Live Clarence and Clarence City Council. Photos and stories featuring people other than you must have the approval of these people for use by Live Clarence and Clarence City Council.
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    Check out these local stories:

    "I CAN help improve my mental health by being involved with a local group of community members and service providers, called "One Community Together". The group are working at making the community I live in be greater to live, work and play. I attend regular meetings to do with community spaces and life, as well attending steering committee and other meetings. I take on jobs such as co-chair, writing agendas, minutes and letters. I have learnt new skills and have more confidence. Improving my mental health helps me to be motivated to improve my physical health."
    Linda Nicholson (pictured with Matt Durose from Mission Australia Housing)
    "Last month, 21 members of Dragons Abreast Hobart travelled to Florence, Italy to take part in an international dragon boat festival. Approximately 4000 breast cancer survivors from 126 teams and 17 countries throughout the world came together to race and enjoy comradeship and caring sisterhood.
    The opening ceremony was an Olympic-style parade through the heart of Florence to the resounding cheers of the people lining the streets. It was a celebration of sport and survival and our team singing has never been louder or more tuneful!
    Hard training paid off and our DATH team performed incredibly well. We received two second placings and a third in our heats. But at this regatta, everyone who participates is a winner.
    The photo shows the DATH team after our training session on the Arno River, with the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in the background."
    Fran – team member, Dragons Abreast Hobart
    Live-Clarence---I-Can---Dot,-Walking“I have been a walk organiser for our local walking group, the Clarence Walkie Talkies for 17 years. We meet at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre at Rosny. I do up the walking rosters and I am the contact for anyone wanting to join. We are such a great social group that walk and have fun.”

    - Dot, local community walk organiser.

    Dot won the Heart Foundation Golden Shoe Award 2017 for her work as a walk organiser.
    Live-Clarence---I-Can---Joanna,-local-resident“Clarence provides some great places to walk with Frankie. We're spoilt for choices with the beautiful beaches, dog park and the many tracks to choose from. It makes a walk really easy and enjoyable to integrate into our daily routine.”

    – Joanna, local resident.
    Live-Clarence---I-Can-Eating-With-Friends-Volunteer--Parry“I enjoy volunteering as many clients enjoy contact and I feel they enjoy the company and banter we engage in from time to time.”

    – Following retirement, Parry volunteers his time to serve participants at Eating With Friends.
    Live-Clarence---I-Can---Bellerive-CWA“Bellerive Branch Country Women’s Association is a group of all aged women who meet at St Mark’s Anglican Church Hall the first Monday of each month at 11.30am. Our handcraft includes knitting premature babies clothes, beanies and fingerless gloves.”

    – Bellerive Country Women’s Association
    Live-Clarence---I-Can---Shane,-local-resident“Throughout my life I have always been very fit and active, having previously been an enthusiastic long distance runner. As I age, my focus for maintaining regular exercise and movement has shifted to cycling and walking.

    This focus extends to my children whereby they are encouraged to also be active. We regularly walk to school each week and then I cycle to work. This has been our routine for 3-4 years, and we walk all year round.”

    - Shane, local resident.
    Live-Clarence---I-Can---Mandy-Marmion“I started my bodybuilding journey in December 2015. After having 3 babies I wanted to feel fit, strong and healthy! I competed in October in the Tasmanian Titles and qualified to represent Tasmania at the INBA Nationals in Sydney in September, placing 6th in 4 different decisions. Determination will get you everywhere! Next comp is March 2017 in Victoria.”

    - Mandy, local resident.
    Live-Clarence---I-Can---Jody,-Lauderdale-Resident"My younger years were filled with poor self-esteem, severely disordered eating, periods of physical inactivity and subsequent illness including chronic fatigue, joint pain, inflammation and feelings of helplessness. The journey to good health through advice from various professionals, natural vitamins and supplements and personal research built my dream picture of ‘happy, healthy ME’. My vision grew stronger as I became stronger in body and mind.

    Growing up with horses I’ve always loved the outdoors and physical movement so when I no longer had a horse I began to run, soon averaging 10km per run. Doing weights classes I learned how fantastic it felt to have strong muscles and increased energy levels, so much so that I loved what I had learned so much I decided to take things further and studied to become a Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer as a side shoot of my job as Wildlife Ranger. This was my hobby and passion, not an income source, and over several years I developed my skills trying anything and everything relating to fitness and health and sharing this with others. Life was fit, fun and awesome!

    The following 4 years brought two beautiful baby boys one who had numerous health troubles and didn’t enjoy sleep. Life as Wildlife Ranger mum with firefighter husband’s changing shifts became very tough. My health again declined with many health concerns and more rearing their heads. Subsequently I took leave without pay from my Wildlife Ranger position and engaged a couple of weekly group exercise classes from our home garage, Lauderdale Hall, local surrounding areas to full-fill my passion of helping others and keep me engaged with the world and just be ‘me’.

    And here we are today after almost 3 years Perfect Fit 4 Ladies located at Lauderdale, helping others find a life of fulfilment through great health and happiness. It’s a privilege and absolute blessing to be able to share my journey with others to spread knowledge and good health."

    - Jody, owner of Perfect Fit 4 Ladies and Lauderdale resident.
    Live-Clarence---I-Can---Bridget,-local-resident"Now that our kids are old enough, we enjoy going on family rides around Clarence. We are fortunate to have beautiful parks, views and walking paths in our area."

    - Bridget, local resident.
    Live Clarence - I Can - Walkie Talkies“We are a group of walkers who meet up at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre every Monday and Wednesday at 9.30am. We walk in all types of weather and have made some really valuable friendships which is very important to our group as we are very supportive of each other and respect that our circumstances and fitness abilities are all different. Some people did think that they can’t walk far but they can! And we can walk together and have lots of fun!”

    – Clarence Walkie Talkies
    Live Clarence - I Can - Reece Risdon Vale Bike Collective"I have always loved bike riding, but when I started working with the Risdon Vale Bike Collective I realised more about myself and my goals in life. It helped me get out more and realise that not everything in life is bad.
    By being more active and involved with the Bike Collective, I achieved one of my personal goals to be recognised for my bike riding. The Bike Collective showed me that I can do that."

    - Reece, Risdon Vale Bike Collective
    Live Clarence - I Can - Ald Chong 2"With 60 on the horizon I decided I needed to think about muscle strength and bone density before it got to be a problem. My solution? Weight lifting! Nine months ago I took up weight lifting (with a coach, thank you Matt) and here I am, lifting 73kg in what is known as a deadlift (straight from the floor!). Only a couple more kilos to go and I can lift my body weight! Amazing what we all can…"

    - Alderman Heather Chong
    Live Clarence - I CAN - Mayor“My wife Jo and I aim to walk daily for at least half an hour, but often we walk for up to two hours. There are many great walks in Clarence, from beaches to the bush, and we have enjoyed most of them. Walking regularly enables us to stay fit and healthy, and best prepared for the inevitable challenges we face.”

    - Alderman Doug Chipman, Mayor of Clarence
    Live Clarence - I CAN - Find Your Voice-1“Before the Find Your Voice Choir started, I felt…. Bored, isolated, unfulfilled dreams, more depressed, unmotivated. After each singing session, I feel elated – who needs a great psychologist?”

    “Singing on a regular basis has helped members to feel more self-assured and be actively engaged in their community. To start with, everyone was nervous and excited, and none of us ever thought we would have the confidence as individuals and as a group to sing in public at events like the Clarence Plains Festival and the Living Well in Clarence event.”

    “Being involved has opened up opportunities for members to participate in other community activities, and the benefits have spread beyond the Choir into the broader community.”

    – Various members of Find Your Voice Choir (Clarence Plains)
    Live Clarence - I CAN - Eating with Friends Ethel-“I like coming to Eating with Friends. You meet some nice people. The food is very nice and you enjoy yourself. And it gives you something to look forward to.”

    - Ethel, Eating with Friends participant (Ethel has been involved with Eating with Friends since it started 13 years ago)