In 2011, people living in Clarence were surveyed about their health and wellbeing. Some people said that they had a hard time getting access to doctors and health care.

Some of those reasons included:

  • Not knowing what help is out there
  • Health information is hard to understand
  • Services can feel unwelcoming or unhelpful

Following on from the survey, Council’s Health Promotion Working Group worked on the GP Access Project to understand more about who was having a hard time accessing doctors, finding out who might be more vulnerable than others, and looking at what the barriers are that stop people from getting access to health care and health information. This information was collated into the GP Access Project Report.

After the report was released, Council was offered some funding by Primary Health Tasmania in December 2017 for a project that would build on this work and help the community overcome some of these barriers. The Help to Health project was born.

The pilot project was evaluated by the Tasmanian Council of Social Services (TasCOSS). Read the Help to Health Evaluation Report to find out about the work done from December 2017 to June 2018.

From July 2018 to June 2020, the project has been funded by the Tasmanian Government Department of Health (DoH) Anticipatory Care Project. The DoH funding supports the good work we have already been doing with a focus on preventing long-term health conditions.