Ride your trail bike legally to ensure your safety and the safety of others and to ensure you do not create adverse impacts on your local community and environment.

The Tassie 10

Tassie Riding Rules to Keep Everyone Safe

1.  Always wear a HELMET, BOOTS, GLOVES and GOGGLES and body covering clothing

2.  Check your BRAKES, FUEL, OIL and WATER

3.  Keep it quiet – check your MUFFLER and ride at least 500 metres from houses

4.  Never ride ALONE – ride with someone who will look out for you

5.  Don’t ride on roads without a LICENCE

6.  Don’t ride on PUBLIC land – parks, footpaths, schools and sports grounds

7.  Do ride on private land when you have PERMISSION from the owners

8.  Always ride in the SAME DIRECTION

9.  Join a CLUB – it will make you a better rider!

10. Have FUN!!!

The misuse of recreational vehicles and trail bikes should be referred to Tasmania Police. Call the police radio room on 131 444. In some circumstances continuous breaches of the law can result in trail bikes / recreational vehicles being confiscated. Fines can also be issued by authorised officers.


Education Program

MotoSafe is a school and youth based program that promotes safe and legal trail bike riding. Currently being delivered by Mission Australia Housing in collaboration with Motorcycling Tasmania and Clarence City Council (Youth Services), with support from the Clarence Trail Bike Working Group.

Riding legally


Young riders can legally ride dirt bikes at Cambridge Moto Park.

Cambridge Moto Park is a safe place for young people to ride off the streets at a supervised venue. The Cambridge Cup, a motocross competition held at the park each year, is fast becoming one of Tasmania’s main race events.

The park offers tracks for pee wee to advanced junior riders and provides training programs for young riders. 6+ tracks including multiple motocross tracks, a grass track, a 1.4 km arena cross track under lights, and two pee wee tracks.

Motorcycling Australia licences are mandatory. Cambridge Moto Park is recently affiliated with Motorcycling Australia.

51 Cranston Parade, Cambridge, Hobart, 7170

Contact details: Greg Casimaty, 0408 625 959

Cambridge Moto Facebook


Other dirt bike clubs across Tasmania can be found in the following links:

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Learn more about riding safe and legally in the brochure Ride Tasmania Safely.