Regardless of who you are there are everyday things that can be done to look after your mental health.

My Wellbeing Kit, launched in October 2016,  is a set of 13 beautifully illustrated cards that focus on the simple ways we can build resilience and improve our health and wellbeing when faced with challenging times.

The themes explored in each of the cards include sleeping well, being active, working towards a goal, feeling safe, eating well, having a laugh, spending time with the people you care about and enjoying the outdoors.

The kit also includes professional contacts a person can call upon if more help is needed. People can write (or draw) on the back of the cards the tools they have used to stay on track. This can be a helpful reminder when faced with life challenges in the future.

The kit is designed to connect with people’s emotions through whimsical and creative illustrations that identify small but important ways people can restore balance to their lives and help get them back on track.

To enquire about ordering hard copies of My Wellbeing Kit please use the online contact form.

Single kits can be provided to members of the public free of charge.  Organisations may order up to 15 kits free of charge.

Further kits may be purchased in lots of 20, for $40 + GST ($2 + GST per Kit).

Is cost an issue? Please contact us to discuss options.

An evaluation was undertaken in 2020 to explore how the Kit was developed, along with views and experiences in using the Kit. You can read the Evaluation summary and full report here:

My Wellbeing Kit Full Report

My Wellbeing Kit Evaluation Summary 

My Wellbeing Kit was funded by Clarence City Council and developed in partnership with mental health consumers and a range of community and government partners. Illustrations were created by Shiloh Longbottom.