Child Health Centres

Getting a good start early in life is vital to health and wellbeing. You can find your local child health centre by looking at this website:

Community Health Centres

Clarence Integrated Care Centre

The Clarence Integrated Care Centre (CICC) provides people with the opportunity to access quality health and community services at a local level.

The CICC achieves this by providing:

  • a wide range of health services
  • routine and general health care for people with chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and asthma
  • an Ambulatory Care Centre which provides ‘outpatient’ care for people who need medical care but do not need to be admitted.

Services provided by CICC:

  • Alcohol & Drug Service (adult & youth)
  • Antenatal & Midwifery Service
  • Child Health and Parenting Service
  • Clarence Ambulatory Care Centre
  • Continence Service and Physio Therapy
  • Dental/Oral Health Service
  • Dietitians: Respiratory Clinic, Renal Clinic and Nutrition Supplement Clinic
  • Eastern Shore Community Nursing and Community Nursing Clinic
  • Heart Health Program
  • Leg Club (for people with leg wounds/ulcers)
  • Live Well Live Long Program
  • Lower Back Pain Clinic
  • Mental Health Service – Adult
  • Needle and Syringe Program
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pathology South
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Respiratory Clinic
  • Smoking Cessation Support
  • Speech Pathology – Adult
  • Speech Pathology – Meal Management
  • Social Work
  • Wet Away Program (Children)
  • Youth Assist

Clarence Integrated Care Community Groups:

  • Art Group (supported by Occupational Therapy)
  • Clarence Immunisation Program (run by Clarence City Council)
  • Clarence Integrated Care Centre Auxiliary
  • Clarence Pensioners Association
  • Clarence Walkie Talkies
  • Diabetes Tasmania – Healthy Shopping Tours
  • General Exercise (run by Physio)
  • Knitting & Friendship Group (supported by Social Work)
  • New Mothers & Babies Group (run by CHaPS)
  • Mums on the Move (run by Continence Physio)
  • No Falls Group (run by Physio)
  • Prostate Support Groups
  • Tai Chi Classes (run by Physio)

Service Location Details:

Clarence Integrated Care Centre

16 – 22 Bayfield Street

Rosny 7018

General Phone Number: 6282 0300

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

Clarence Plains Community Health Centre

The Clarence Plains Community Health Centre provides residents with the opportunity to access quality health and community services. There are a number of Community Services, Visiting Services, Clinics and Support Groups that operate from the centre. The Centre has a wide range of information available in the reception area.

  • Child Health Centres
  • Community and Health Services Centre
  • Community Nursing
  • Social Work – Community Outreach Service

Service Location Details:

Clarence Plains Community Health Centre

4 Hart Place,

Rokeby 7019

National Health Services Directory

To access services further afield or other alternatives you can check the National Health Services Directory using this website.