PROFILE: Loui’s Van

Profile: Loui’s Van

Tell us about Loui’s Van. What do you do?

  • The Loui’s Van service is a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society and has been operating since July 1992. It started two nights a week with 20 volunteers and now is a six-night operation with three vans and over 200 volunteers on the roster.
  • Loui’s Van provides food (hot soup, sandwiches, bakery items, fruit, hot drinks etc.); information about other services; support and companionship.
  • The volunteers are involved in all aspects of the Van’s operation – from making the soup to preparing sandwiches and operating the service out on the streets.
  • Our volunteers contribute both to the Society and to their community through the giving of their time, energy and kindness. Without volunteers, we would not be able to provide the service.
  • Loui’s Van currently assists an average of forty people each evening that it operates. Those who come to Loui’s Van range from children to aged people and reflect a broad cross section of the community.
  • In the last year Loui’s Van provided assistance 17,000 times. Half of the people are under the age of 30 and two thirds are male.

How does your service operate?

Loui’s Van is available to all people seeking assistance with food security. The Clarence model is unique in the sense that the community provides for its community by preparing the food at Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood House and Rokeby Neighbourhood House. St Vincent de Paul Society funds the Neighbourhood Houses to provide their own food and the Loui’s Van volunteers provide bakery items from Cripps Bakery, fruit and hot/cold drinks. Whilst enjoying a meal, guests can have their clothes washed by Orange Sky Laundry Service free. In the future residents will have access to a free out of hour’s medical service provided by the Moreton Group.

Where is Loui’s Van located in the City of Clarence and what are your contact details?

Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood House
65 Mockridge Rd, Clarendon Vale
Tuesdays 5.30pm – 5.50pm

Rokeby Neighbourhood House
85 Tollard Dr, Rokeby
Tuesdays 6.00pm – 6.20pm

Co-ordinators Contact Details
Natalie Klug
Southern Region Community Service Manager
St Vincent de Paul Society (Tasmania) Inc
(03) 62344 244