Profile: Youth Assist

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What is Youth Assist?
Youth Assist is a free health service for young people aged 12 – 24. We provide information about all topics relating to youth, referrals to other services, toiletries and condoms, internet and phone access.  Parents and carers are welcome to drop in for information and advice as well.

Youth Assist is part of Clarence City Council’s Youth Services who provide programs to build the capacity of young people through five focus areas of: working together; giving young people a voice; getting help; feeling safe; and employment education and training.

What are the benefits of Youth Assist and how can it help?
Youth Assist provides a reliable source of information and support for young people in Clarence. Youth Assist can providing support for any young person experiencing difficulties. Youth Assist also boosts the awareness of youth health issues in the community.

How do people find Youth Assist?
The Youth Health Worker is available via appointment, or drop in, at the Youth Centre, 6 Grange Road Rokeby; and via appointment at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre (CICC) at 16-22 Bayfield St Bellerive.

Drug & Alcohol counselling by Headspace is also available by appointment at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre.

If you can’t find us, the lovely ladies at the reception desk are more than willing to point you in the right direction.

All services are confidential.

If you could give one health and wellbeing tip, what would it be?
Connect with others, take the time to enjoy your surroundings and activities, contribute to your community and take care of yourself. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.

How can we improve health and wellbeing in our city?
Clarence can improve its health and wellbeing through engaging and consulting with young people, and making sure their voices are heard. We need to provide an environment where youth can have confidence that we are listening, and are willing to do what is necessary to best support them in being safe and successful in their decisions.

Contact details
You can contact our Youth Health Worker for more information at Clarence Council Youth Services on 6247 1230.