PROFILE: The Little Shop Lindisfarne

The Little Shop is a Lindisfarne institution, selling the very best of homemade and handcrafted items.

The Little Shop opened in 1966 with volunteers  coming from St Aidan’s parish. Prior to that the shop was a doctor’s surgery. The original counter is still in the shop!

In the past, the shop sold a lot of different items including plants and even served morning tea. They still have a fabulous range and there is something for everyone.

The shop sells yummy food including cakes, slices, sandwiches, scones and biscuits; fruit and vegetables; apples and apple juice; flowers; honey; jams, relish and chutneys; and eggs.

You can also find hand knitted baby clothes, jumpers, cardigans, socks, mittens, beanies and tea cosies.

Don’t forget about the hand made quilts, blankets, dresses,  tea towel sets, wool, material, hand made and knitted toys and hand made earrings and cards. There really is something for everyone! 

Some of the volunteers have been with the Little Shop for years, Most are locals. Some are church members from St. Aidan’s but a lot of the volunteers have known the shop since they were children and want to help out.

The Little Shop passes on funds to the parish every year and the church committees then allocate the funds to whoever they consider in need.

You can find in the Lindisfarne Anglican Little Shop at Shop 1, 42 Lincoln Street, just next to the Mower shop and opposite Falls Real Estate in Lindisfarne.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 10am – 4pm
Friday: 9.30am – 3pm
Closed on weekends

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