Profile: Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre

Tell us about the Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre (RNC). What do you do?

Our goals are building community, supporting people and families and enhancing participation choices.

We work with a variety of people:

  • Anyone who requires help;
  • Residents that volunteer;
  • Those who want to engage with the community to help reduce social isolation; and
  • Those who want to participate in community programs.

We conduct many programs, developed in consultation with the community, including educational, TAFE, sewing, knitting, health and wellbeing and computer programs.

We also work with other organisations to help provide more services within the community such as Orange Sky, a free laundry for the community, a much needed after hours doctor service within the community and LINC Tasmania programs.

We also offer faxing, phone use, a Centrelink phone and photocopying.


How does your organisation operate? How does someone go about accessing your services?

The RNC is open five days a week, Monday to Friday 9.00am-3.00pm and 4.00pm-6.00pm and once every six weeks on a Saturday for a community BBQ (weather permitting). We welcome walk-ins to the centre and contact via Facebook, email and phone.


If you could give one health and wellbeing tip, what would it be?

Look after body and mind, access your own doctor for a health plan or our after-hours doctor, engage with the community and get involved in programs.


How can we improve health and wellbeing in our city?

Improve exercise equipment within the community, consult with community members on health and wellbeing, offer more training around physical and mental health as well as nutrition information sessions and offer fitness classes for people with mobility issues.


Finally, where is the Rokeby Neighbourhood Centre located, what’s your contact phone number?

85 Tollard Drive, Rokeby

(03) 62476788