Profile: Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre

Tell us about the Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre. What do you do? 

The Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre is a not-for-profit community based incorporated association that is run by its local community members via a board of management. It is designed under a Tasmanian Government community development framework and delivers services at a grass roots level.

The centre has been servicing the community for over 30 years now and is open to anyone in and around the Clarence Plains area, although some of its programs extend beyond this barrier. The main aim is to support the community to increase both its social capital and community capacity with the goal of creating an independent, strong, vibrant and caring community.

The centre provides social, educational and recreational activities to the community, advocates on their behalf when needed and works with a strong understanding that the local people have a good grasp of community issues as well as and if not better than governments and other individuals and organisations outside of the community itself. 


How does your organisation operate? How does someone go about accessing your services? 

The centre’s normal operating hours are between 8:45am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday; however it quite often exceeds these timings when needed. The centre is governed by a constitution which provides guidelines to the Board of Management under which they operate. The organisation has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures which set out the method of its daily operation. The centre is managed by a manager and assistant manager. Other staff are employed to run programs and assist with management where necessary. Staff and volunteers are trained in different areas in order to afford the local community quality assistance.


If you could give one health and wellbeing tip, what would it be?

Please don’t bottle up your problems it only increases stress levels which leads to other complications. Talk to someone, either a friend or a professional. There is always somebody willing to listen and help.


How can we improve health and wellbeing in our city? 

Continue to improve and advance activities that enhance adult education and literacy as well as encourage interaction across all generations within the community.


Where is the Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre located, what’s the contact phone number and email address? 

Address: 63 Mockridge Road, Clarendon Vale, Tasmania 7019

Phone: (03) 62478163


We are also on Facebook at