Accommodation is a serious issue across Tasmania. With living costs rising and pressures in the housing market, affordable housing is a growing concern. Homelessness can affect anyone in Tasmania; the very young or elderly, families and single people, and people from all cultural backgrounds. Sometimes the challenges of homelessness are made even harder by other needs such as disability or health problems. Tasmania has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the country, with 1 in 66 Tasmanians requiring assistance for their housing and homeless concerns from 2015-2016.

There are three main types of homelessness; primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary homelessness is when people don’t have a safe place to stay (e.g. sleeping rough). Secondary homelessness is when people move from one place to another (e.g. emergency accommodation, shelters, “couch-surfing”). Tertiary homelessness is when people are staying in accommodation that is below good living standards (e.g. boarding houses and caravan parks).

Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) in Tasmania provide housing and accommodation. This includes:

  • immediate emergency accommodation (including shelters),
  • individual accommodation and placement support services for young people, and
  • support services for people who are homeless to (re)establish themselves in independent living.

These services also provide information and advice, advocacy and financial support.

Housing Connect and Mission Australia have offices in the Clarence area and are more than willing to assist. Housing Connect is the one-stop shop for all your housing and support needs and provides everything from emergency accommodation to a long-term home. Housing Connect can help you with:

  • applying for housing
  • support and advice with your private rental, including bond and rent debts
  • finding a bed for the night
  • support and advice on how to stay in your home
  • seeking help after family violence
  • referring you to the community housing providers (like Mission Australia)
  • information and advice on your housing options.

For more information and support, click on the links below or give one of these services a call!

Housing Connect: 1800 800 588 
Mission Australia: 1800 269 672
Colony 47: 1800 265 669