Council Community Bus

Council provides the service of a community bus in recognition and support of not-for-profit community groups in Clarence who find it difficult to access other forms of transport.  The bus operates with the support of community volunteer drivers who enable the bus to be available to community groups as often as possible.

The priority for the community bus is to support local not-for-profit groups and organisations of all ages to access low cost and reliable transport.  Particular emphasis is placed on supporting older persons and youth groups in the community who offer members increased opportunities for social engagement that without access to the use of the community bus would not be possible.

Eligibility criteria for bus users

  • Must be for a not for profit (not be used for private, commercial or profit-making purposes) community group or organisation based in or servicing Clarence.
  • The services or activities for which the group requires use of the bus, are used by Clarence residents who are:
    • Transport disadvantaged and who would otherwise be unable to access these services or activities; and
    • Are at risk of social isolation and access to the community bus will help improve the over-all quality of life of for the participants.
  • Priority groups for the bus include older and youth groups and organisations.
  • During school vacation periods, priority will be given to programs and activities for children and youth.
  • Only groups of people not individuals can book the bus. There must be a minimum of 10 people per booking. (The bus accommodates 25 people, or 18 people including accessibility for 1 wheelchair with lift).For further information, costs and bookings please contact Council on 6217 9597.

Community Bus – Risdon Vale, South Arm, Warrane/Mornington

This 11 seater Community Bus is a partnership between Risdon Vale Neighbourhood Centre, Warrane/Mornington Neighbourhood Centre, South Arm Peninsula Residents Association Inc, Risdon Vale Christian Family Centre and Council.  The bus is owned and administered by the Risdon Vale Neighbourhood Centre and services the communities of Risdon Vale, Warrane & Mornington, South Arm & Opossum Bay.

For further information, costs and bookings please contact

Risdon Vale – 62435752

Warrane/Mornington – 6244 6346

South Arm/Opossum Bay – 0418 562 759

Risdon Vale Christian Family Centre – 6243 6336