Neighbour Day

Clarence, Tasmania
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Neighbour Day (an initiative of Relationships Australia) is an annual celebration of community, encouraging people to come together in their street or community to share a cuppa, a meal or just to say hello. It’s a great time to kick off a group in your street and start building better relationships with those who live around you, to create happier and safer places to live.

This year Neighbour Day falls on Sunday 25 March. This years theme is ‘The Importance of a Supportive Neighbourhood for Children and Young People.’ The 2018 theme encourages all Australians to support safe and welcoming communities for the families with children and young people in their neighbourhoods. To find out more about the theme, click here.
Register your event at the Neighbour Day site and make your event count among the others around Australia who are getting involved.


For your event, you might consider a simple cuppa on the porch or perhaps something a bit bigger? What could you do?
Here’s 5 ideas to bring your neighbours together:

– Host a simple BBQ / sausage sizzle with neighbours
– Organise a game of cricket, Frisbee, soccer, boules (yes, anything really!) on the local oval
– Organise a Very Neighbourly Bake-Off -everyone can bring something they have baked to share and the tastiest cake could get an award
– Have a party on your front lawn or perhaps meet for afternoon tea in the back paddock
– Or simply have a cup of tea or a chat with a new (or old!) neighbour


So don’t be shy! There is a kit and resources available from the Neighbour Day website. Don’t forget to register your event here on the Live Clarence website.

Let’s make this Neighbour Day the best yet!