Building An Online Marketing Content Plan For Your Small Business Start-Up

online event
Daniela Schurink-Moeller Contact Organiser

Are you starting out in small business and wonder how to go about developing an online marketing plan for your business success?

In this online webinar (participants will receive the link to the event closer to the date)you will learn how to plan for your online marketing content and then turn it into strategies when starting out with your small business. Debra Templar, an experienced marketing, and retail strategist, will guide you through the following topics:
Debra has offered a free 30 minute Zoom Room consult for all workshop attendees. This is an opportunity for you to raise your specific business issues direct with Debra. Times will be organised upon completion of the workshop.

• How to generate ideas and define your marketing messaging
• How to work out which channels to use
• How to communicate your message consistently
• How to reach your target customers
• Creating relevant and engaging content for your marketing
• Creating visual content for your website and social media post
• Being authentic and personal in your messaging
• Measuring & reviewing if your strategies work

This online webinar is presented by Business South, under the “Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program” which is an Australian Government funded initiative. This program is focusing on assisting mature age Australians, but it is open to anyone by providing them with free assistance to consider, plan and start their own business.