The annual council clean up (formerly known as Dial-a-Garbo) is a FREE service provided by the Council to collect garbage that could not usually be collected by the weekly wheelie-bin service. Different trucks will pick up different items throughout the day to adequately dispose of all types of garbage. You can find out the date of your collection, and more information here. Any bins, boxes or bags containing items will be removed along with the items.   Items can include, but are not limited to:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Household appliances
  • Junk
  • Limited amounts of building material and electrical goods

All items must fit in a 2 metres wide by 2 metres deep by 1 metre high (4m3) area and be placed neatly at least one metre from your wheelie bin. For building materials such as rubble, bricks and sand, all items must be placed in bags that will not split, weigh no more than 16kg, and cover a space of 0.25m3 or less. Pieces are carpets that are being disposed must not occupy more than one cubic metre (1m3), and each individual piece must not be too heavy to be lifted onto the truck by two people.  All other building material, including timber and guttering, is limited to 0.5 cubic metres (0.5m3).

For safety reasons all refrigerators, freezers and items that have a 40litre capacity or larger must be incapable of latching shut. This will mean removing all doors or tops, or every hinge and corresponding latch. Cords and hoses must also be removed.

If your material does not meet these criteria, they will not be collected. However garbage can be delivered to the Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station.

The following material will NOT be collected:

  • Paint tins will NOT be collected within this service. Leakage and lids popping causes many difficulties during collection. However, empty paint tins with lids off can be collected as part of your fortnightly kerbside recycling collection.
  • Broken glass, asbestos or ashes.
  • Loose rubble.
  • All fencing wire including chicken wire.
  • Commercial or business waste.
  • Any item longer than 1.5 metres excluding mattresses.
  • Items too heavy for easy lifting onto a truck by two people.
  • Engine blocks, car batteries, tyres and body parts or any other car parts.
  • Chemicals or liquids, including engine oil.
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Vegetable matter.
  • Garden matter. This can be put out for collection on Council’s green organics collection day every 4 weeks

Cardboard or other recyclables can be put out for recycling collection every 2 weeks in your recycling bin.